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i'm very happy right now.

- the weather has been GORGEOUS all week, and i finally get to enjoy it tomorrow.
- i just ordered really cute clothes online.
- POM tea is buy one get one free at safeway.
- i went tanning for the first time today since my new tattoo.
- i'm off tomorrow and saturday.
- my sister & i are taking pictures together for mothers day, tomorrow...should be fun.

k. thats about all. :)
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    i don't know why i love you, but i do // big city rock
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my head hurts.

i'm drained of EVERYTHING right now.


i got sent home from work around 2.
i came home and collapsed on my floor and cried for awhile.
then i went walking for an hour & a half.
i tried to make sense of things.

like, this isn't really happening to me, right?

i have two songs on repeat over & over right now.
coldplays "the scientist" and kelly clarksons "behind these hazel eyes"

i'm really lame right now, but my heart hurts so bad.

i even have a giant bottle of alcohol, but after one shot, i gave up and just collapsed onto my floor again.

i really hate this.
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    the scientist // coldplay
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2005 survey.

2005 In The Beginning...

Where did you ring in the New Year? las vegas.
Who were you with? heather, elyse, nicole, sean, emily, karen.
Did you kiss anyone at midnight? heather. haha.
Did you make any resolutions? yes.
If so did you keep them? i'm not sure. hahaha.

2005 Friends and Enemies...

Did you meet any new friends this year? yes.
Did any of your friendships end? yes.
Did you dislike anyone? yes.
Did you get into any fights? yes.
Did you make any new enemies? yes.
Did you resolve any fights? yes.
Who was your closest friend? nicole.

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